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Hanningfield Reservoir

Giffords Lane, Chelmsford, Essex CM3 8HX


A Great Fishing Venue and Nature Reserve

Fishing at Hanningfield Reservoir

Until recent years, the reservoir was a fly fishing only venue. However, due to falling attendances it was recently opened to “any method” fishing - with certain restrictions. The use of ground bait is not allowed and trolling (fishing from a boat under power) is also prohibited. All coarse fish such as pike, perch, carp etc. must be returned to the water alive, as well as any brown trout that might be caught.

Daily fishing permits and boat hire are available through the online booking system at https:www.bookwhen.com/Hanningfield with a maximum of two occupants per boat. It is recommended that you reserve your fishing permit and boat in advance as numbers are limited. Bank fishing permits are also available through the online booking system.

Map of Hanningfield Reservoir

showing main geographical locations

Please note that boat and bank fishing is restricted to the northern part of the reservoir - there are white buoys across the reservoir marking the fishing boundary. Boats should also keep at least 100 metres from any shoreline.

The rangers Will (Senior Ranger), Paul, Jamie and Rufus are happy to assist and ensure you have an enjoyable and memorable day. You can call them on 01268 712180. The emergency number is 07966 879206 for boats in need of assistance.

Tight Lines!

Our fish don’t get it all their own way - this is part of a flock of cormorants dropping in for lunch. There are over 220 birds in this picture, and that’s just a part of the total resident population. It’s surprising there are any fish left for the anglers to catch!

Picture taken 24th September, 2017

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Fly Fishing Encyclopedia


Fly Fishing Encyclopedia

Hanningfield is one of the country’s leading trout fishing waters.It is regularly stocked with fish during the season - about 50,000 trout are introduced each year. Fishing is available from boat and bank. Please remember that you need a government issued rod licence to fish in this country - bailiffs regularly check for illegal fishing and you could receive a hefty fine if you are caught! Rod licences can be obtained from the online system at https://www.gov.uk/fishing-licences.

Please use the Bookwhen reservation system to book your fishing ticket and boat at https://bookwhen.com/hanningfield. Fishing is from 08:00am to 20:00pm or sunset (whichever is sooner). You can use one or two rods. The use of more than two rods is strictly prohibited, as are other types of catching fish - netting, long lining, etc. This reservoir is a valuable amenity for all - please treat it with respect - and take your litter home with you!